Install Fresh Cabinet Pulls

Cabinet Pulls

Install Fresh Cabinet Pulls Kitchens and bathrooms have so much potential for a fresh updated look just by adding new cabinet pulls. You can buy pulls that compliment your countertops, newer appliances, or maybe a sleeker shape that is in order with an up-to-date style. The tricky part is drilling the holes if you’re starting … Read more

Clean up and Replace Cabinet Floor Under Kitchen Sink

Replace Kitchen Cabinet Floor

Clean up and Replace Cabinet Floor Under Kitchen Sink Water damage is the pits! After this was cleaned up, we made sure it was dry and installed a new cabinet floor to match the original. Good as new! Want to try this for yourself? Here are some DIY instructions

Replace Gate Slats

Replace Gate Slats

Replace Gate Slats This poor gate was ravaged by the sun and weather! We not only freshened it up but also made it safe and secure.

Custom Shelving

Custom Shelving

Custom Shelving This customer was looking to add custom shelving to her bathroom wall that was built with an empty recessed area. I can help you figure out a look you want to achieve and do the installation for you in these instances where off-the-shelf shelving just won’t work. No need to feel stuck with … Read more

Facia Facelift

Facia Facelift for East/West Facing Section of the House The sun takes a toll on everything and giving your facia paint job a facelift is an easy way to make everything look clean and fresh again. I am happy to do any MINOR paint jobs but I’m not a licensed contractor so I avoid major … Read more

Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Installation Garage doors to the exterior of the house tend to get beat up by people and the weather. I’m happy to pick up the door for you if you need help with that and install it too! Want to DIY your garage man door installation?┬áCheck out this link!

Repair or Replace Broken Floor Tiles

Repair or Replace Broken Floor Tiles If you have a broken tile or any issues with a tile or two I can help as long as you have some replacement tiles or easily sourced. I’m not a full-on tile guy, or a licensed contractor to replace your entire tile floor but I can help you … Read more

Barn Door Installation

Barn Door Installation Look at the difference between the standard interior door and this beautiful barn door! DIY barn door installation

Floor Trim Repair

Floor Trim Repair Have some trim that’s broken up, chewed up by your dog or completely missing? Sometimes floor trim repairs can be made instead of replacing it altogether. I can very often get creative and fix up your trim damage to where it’s looking nearly new.

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