Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Handyman



Hire a Handyman

There are so many reasons it’s a good idea to hire a handyman to do things around your house instead of doing them yourself.

I’ll go over the top three reasons to hire a handyman and then tell you how you can go about finding a good, solid, professional handyman who won’t let you down.

Reason #1 to Hire a Handyman – Save Time

When you have a project to tackle such as switching out a ceiling fan it can SEEM like a good idea to do it yourself to save some money. However, do you have the tools to do it? How much time will you spend doing research to figure out how to shut off the power? Do you need to shut off the power? If so do you know how to do that? Will you end up spending your time buying tools? Then once you get all that figured out it will probably take longer for you do the job as opposed to someone who has done it many times over. Your time is valuable and you have much better things to spend it on!

Reason #2 to Hire a Handyman – Safety

Not everyone works with their hands on a regular basis and not everyone knows just how dangerous some tools and tasks can be. When you hire a handyman who knows how to safely use ladders and power tools, wears safety glasses, etc.  you can guarantee you’ll keep all of your fingers and not end up at the doctor with debris in your eyes.

You also want to make sure things are installed properly so there are no safety issues in the future, especially when working with anything electrical.

Reason #3 to Hire a Handyman – Reduce Stress

Things break, things start looking shabby, you buy something that needs to be assembled and then it sits there for weeks or months because you don’t have time to put it together. You can hire a Handyman every six months with a big list of things you need to get done and feel so much better to get several things checked off your to-do list all at once!

How to Find a Good Handyman

Finding any good contractor can be difficult. You’re never quite sure what you’ll get which is why reviews and referrals are so great. A few things to look for will make your search easier and hopefully have a great outcome.

Check Facebook for past posts

Go into Facebook and do a search for “handyman” or whatever you’re looking for. Then narrow your search to your area and set it to a current timeline (a year is good), then click on the “posts” link. This will bring up posts from others in the past looking for the same type of service. Much of the time you will find many responses from people referring their favorites….even better if several people refer one contractor/service provider!

Ask Friends and Family and Neighbors

It’s just as easy to text your close friends and family who live in the same area as you to get referrals. You cannot beat a referral from someone you know well. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t refer a service provider unless I REALLY thought they were good.

Those two things have served me well in the past in finding good contractors.

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