Kitchen Cabinet Bumpers are an Easy Fix to Make your Kitchen 10x Better



Kitchen cabinet bumpers

Have kitchen and bathroom cabinets that have no handles? Have a hard time opening them or does it just seem like it should be better? We found an easy way to improve cabinet doors with a simple addition that anyone can do.


We recently moved into our house which was built in 2007 when it was a thing to leave your kitchen cabinets without pulls. The cabinets are high quality and sturdy and I don’t mind them being without pulls but……

I quickly realized I was using two hands to open up some of the drawers and cabinets and started to panic a little that they were defective or just getting old and warbled.

Rick took a look at them and said “These bumpers are like gumdrops!” They were so old and smashed and sticky that they literally could have been candy gumdrops!

Do this Simple thing to Improve Cabinet Doors and Save your Sanity and Fingernails

If your house has similar cabinets and you struggle with the cabinets make sure you check the bumpers, it could be a simple fix!

We purchased 100 new kitchen cabinet bumpers from Amazon for 20 bucks, 100 was enough for cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms. Make sure you remove/scrape off the old bumpers before you apply the new ones and you’re all set!

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